Billy Talent Charity Trust (BTCT)


WHO: Billy Talent is a Canadian Rock band with strong philanthropy values.

WHAT: BTCT was created as a vehicle for Billy Talent and their fans to raise funds and awareness for various charities helping youth.

WHY: We have always wanted to help since we started playing music together. Helping youth is very important to us. Why do we want to help youth? Being young can be hard. Adulthood is always a weird tough time. When you add poverty or disease into adulthood, it can compound in to something that’s not fun. We believe that the least we can do as a band is to try and help.

Over the years we have been able to work with:



"Billy Talent's continued support of MusiCounts means more Canadian children have access to the benefits of music in their school or community. MusiCounts is proud to have partnered with Billy Talent on many initiatives including the MusiCounts Teacher of the Year Award, a Plus 1 tour where $1 from every ticket sold went to support MusiCounts, as well as various celebration events. Thank you to Billy Talent for helping us put instruments into the hands of kids who need them most."

- Kristy Fletcher, Executive Director, MusiCounts


Here are the projects that Aaron and Billy Talent have helped fund over the years:

  • MS Summer Camp, providing a free week-long adventure for youth living with MS
  • Scholarships for youth with MS going to university in STEM fields
  • Young Adults’ Conferences in Ontario and Manitoba
  • – online community with stories written by youth affected MS for you.
  • MS MyStory – collection of videos featuring youth and young adults affected by MS


“Billy Talent are not only a great Canadian rock band, they are also wonderful humanitarians, using their  voices to raise awareness and funds for those in need. 

We are so grateful to the band for choosing to support War Child through Plus 1. Through this partnership Billy Talent have raised tens of thousands of dollars for programs that provide critical support to vulnerable kids whose lives have been devastated by war.  

Thank you Ben, Jon, Aaron, Ian and team for giving voice to those living with the horrors of war at a time when they need our support more than ever.  We couldn’t do this important work without people like you. We very much look forward to continuing this great work together.”

- Dr. Samantha Nutt, Founder War Child Canada and USA



"Billy Talent bassist Jon Gallant has been an important part of Scotiabank Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer on several occasions. Not only is he a terrific hockey player and a most amiable contributor, but by having the opportunity to include Jon from such a high-profile band, it helped expand the reach of the hugely successful fundraising event that has raised over $18 million for critical cancer research through the past seven years.”



"Ian's belief that music and art can have a profound effect of both psychological healing and the restoration of a supportive, healing community is exemplified by his dedication to the Healing in Harmony music therapy program and Make Music Matter. For over a decade he has been an unwavering supporter and brother-in-arms in our mission of healing survivors of trauma in conflict and post-conflict zones by helping to turn our artists into empowered advocates."

Darcy Ataman, Founder and CEO, Make Music Matter Inc



“Billy Talent’s dedicated, generous support to Kids Help Phone has improved the lives and well-being of young people in Canada,” says Katherine Hay, President & CEO, Kids Help Phone. “It takes courage for a young person to reach out to us and it takes courage for the community to stand behind and support them. Last year, we received over 190,000 contacts from kids who often have no other place to turn for help. The compassion the band members have demonstrated for our young people is a testament to how much more we can support youth when we work together, to ensure we are able to always be there for young people in need .”

All photography provided by Dustin Rabin